Benefits of Membership with IPMS NSW

Being a member of a club like IPMS has its benefits. Apart from the opportunity to share your hobby with like minded people and to tap into the knowledge of experienced modellers, there are many other tangible benefits of club membership.

Annual Subscription


The club offers a number of membership types. Details can be found in How To Join. Subscriptions are due and payable on January 1 each year. Members each receive a membership number and a card.

Hobby Retailer Discounts

The club has negotiated discounts with several hobby retail outlets across the Sydney metropolitan area. To obtain your discount, please present your membership card. Different terms and conditions apply at each retailer, so please ask.





Toms Discount
Hobby Warehouse
1001 Victoria Rd
West Ryde NSW 2114

02 9809 0530

Hobbyland Micromodels

147 Pacific Highway, Hornsby 2077

02 9476 2588


Club Magazine

A magazine is prepared on a regular basis by the editorial team and available for collection on CD or hardcopy at meetings. The magazine is designed to keep members advised of Society activities and coming events plus events within the general modelling community. The magazine also frequently contains articles on modelling topics and reference material. Members are encouraged to submit articles for publication.

Traders & Swap/Sell

Traders selling a wide range of modelling merchandise including kits, accessories, books etc are present at each meeting. The private sale of kits by members is also a popular activity at club meetings, with many a good bargain to be had. In fact, the July meeting is dedicated to a “Kit Auction” where members are encouraged to clear all those unwanted kits from the cupboard.

Kit Raffles

There is both an ordinary and a special raffle that are held at meetings with a wide range of the very latest kits up for grabs. Special raffle items are determined by the committee, tickets of which are both available at meetings.