People's Choice Award September 2015

This months winner is also takes away the trophy for the Bobby Whaite Memorial Trophy for the Spitfire Competition. Steve Leslie's immaculate Mk VIII sits proud nose high on a nice base to show is very well detailled engine. Enjoy!


IPMS NSW Display Tables

The following galleries are archived from the general display tables at previous IPMS NSW meetings. Feel free to browse and to enjoy the various modelling pursuits of the members who bring their models in for discussion and display.

Previous winners of the People's Choice Award

The following galleries are archived from previous 'People's Choice Award' galleries. For most (but not all) months IPMS NSW awards a 'People's Choice Award' for the most popular model on display for that event to the model that most distinguishes itself to the general club members.

August 2015

Gary Wickham returns this month with his finished build of the 1/32 Mosquito by HK Models. Exquisitely weathered the finished is topped off with some fetching invasion stripes that give it some life. Click the photo to the left to check out more of Gary's material.

May 2015

This is possibly one of the most outrageus vehicles ever conceived of; the Ratte P.1000. In this case this is Clayton Ockerby's rendition of the 1/144 scale Takom kit and a couple of Panzer VIII Maus that are included.

April 2015

The People's Choice awards haven't been updated here for awhile since the club moved to a more complicated system. A good time to bring it back is with Brett Reynolds phenomenal 1/48 scale Academy F-4N Phantom. Check it out in this gallery.

October 2014

Noel Mackin has done a fabulous job on another massive 1/200 scale vessel, this time the Missouri. Rippling with guns, boats, turrets and even an aircraft like his Bismark before it, this large scale Missouri is quite the display item.

December 2013

Allan Cook payed his last visit to the club before he moves interstate with a look at his fantastic scratchbuilt Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2a. Beautifully weathered and masterfully built, this B.E. is a art piece.

October 2013

Clayton Ockerby returns with another entry. This time a 1/72 scale version of the S-100 Schnellboot. Fabulously detailed and exquistely finished this vessel is topped of with some lovely water affects made from Acrylic artists medium for a very effective setting.

August 2013

Back to the sea this month with an immaculately built H.M.S. Canada constructed in 1:350 scale by Greg Mills. The kit is by Iron Shipwrights and is bristling with detail that is presented in a custom case for viewing pleasure.

June 2013

Joint winners this week and in this case coinciding with the theme of the month the Sabre Group Build. Gary Wickham returns with a dynamic Sabre duelling a MiG-15 and also Clayton Ockerby with his rendition of the famous Sabre in camouflage colours. With a 75% completion rate the Sabre build was something of a success.

May 2013

Gary Wickham completed this model some time ago, (2002), however it has made a resurgence this month, taking our both the Warsaw Pact Theme and also the People's choice award. Head over to his website to check out more pictures of Russia's mighty Flanker.

April 2013

For the first time in awhile some armour has taken out the award. Winning both the People's Choice Award as well as the ANZAC Day theme, Clayton Ockerby brings us his expceptional rendition of the venerable 1:35 Tamiya M13/40 kit. The weathering is subtle and brilliantly executed and topped off wth a nice ANZAC figure.

February 2013

Another trip to large scale Navy, this time the massive 1/200 scale Bismarck from Trumpeter. Noel Mackin has done a fabulous job on a massive model. Rippling with guns, boats, turrets and even an aircraft this large scale Bismarck is some serious eye candy.

November 2012

This month we return to the Navy. In this case Michael Prince's immaculate 1/35 Italeri Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB) takes the honours. Every panel is a slightly different shade adding to the overall effect of an extremely realistic looking vessel. Amazing effort.

October 2012

A reappearance of Gary Wickham to the People's Choice Award sees an exceptional build of the Great Wall Hobby P-61 Black Widow. He has included his heavily weathered aircraft with a diorama to add some character and scale. Well done.

August 2012

A welcome return to the Vietnam war era as Greg Long brings us the massive 1/32 scale Trumpeter Thunderchief for August. Decked out in the appealing South East Asian camouflage scheme this 'Thud' even sports two kill markings.

June 2012

Chris Cole brings us an immaculate rendition of Frank Brewer's famous number #99, namely the Eddie Meyer Ford V860. The natural metal work on this model is superb, it just glows. Check out this famous speedstar.

May 2012

Another month and another release from Wingnut Wings. This time we have the 1/32 Bristol F.2b presented to us by Michael Woodgate. It is a beautiful model and the rigging needs to be seen to be believed.

April 2012

April brings an F-15C that has been updated to the MSIP II standards through the use of scab plating, modernised cockpit, new antennas and GPS, and modern missiles such as the AIM-120 and AIM-9X. Brought to you by David Porter.

March 2012

This month's award goes to Noel Mackin's 1/35 scale Italeri Schnellboot Typ S-100. The vessel is rippling with detail and Noel plans to add figures at a later date to further enhance his work of art.

February 2012

Gary Wickham's 1/32 Dragon P-15D Mustang has arrived. Gary spent many hours modifying the basic kit in order to produce this magnificienct model. For more pictures and an in progress build consult his website at

January 2012

This 1/32 scale Ju 52 giant is an extraordinary work in progress. The builder, Christian Wong started this vintage vac-form kit in March 2011. It was People's Choice for January 2012.

November 2011

Trumpeter's massive 1/32 scale F-14D is presented by David Porter to round out the end of the IPMS NSW calender year for 2011.